Thursday, June 22, 2006

More Winery Visit Summaries

- I visited the always busy Wagner Vineyards to check out this years wine (and beer) offerings. I particularly enjoyed the Barrel Fermented Chardonnay (Butter and Vanilla and just the right amount of oak for me), the Semi-Dry Riesling (one of my personal favorites- Floral & Tropical aromas and perfectly balanced), Alta B Blush (nice, easy drinking, sweet summer wine), Cabernet Sauvignon (aromas of cherry, nice and balanced), and Sled Dog Doppelback (Beer- rich and caramelly). Don't miss Live Entertainment on the Deck every Friday 8-11pm.

- We pulled in to Hazlitt1852 Vineyards, where there is always a party going on, and enjoyed there Reserve Riesling (nice citrus and mineral), Schooner White (smooth Chardonnay/Riesling blend), Cabernet Franc (I'm really liking those 2002's), and of course Red Cat (see photo below). They are running a nice special 3-pack of White Stag, Cabin Fever, & Red Cat for just $23.50!!!
And make your reservations now for July 30, when Red Cat turns Legal (21). That's gonna be a party!!!

...Too Much Red Cat or Just Enough??? More Uses For Red Cat- Guitar Stand; Blues Slide; Musician Fuel.

- Penguin Bay Winery (no, they do not have any live penguins there, I asked- but they do sponsor the penguin exhibit at the Rosamond Gifford Zoo) served up their Riesling (a nice Riesling on the sweeter side), Swedish Hill Spumante Blush Champagne (a bubbly treat), and Tuxedo Red (Concord-orific). And I love the Flying Penguin Labels. We don't need no stinking Australian animals on our labels.

- I pulled into our neighbors across the pond- Standing Stone Vineyards, tried the newly released Riesling and Smokehouse Vidal and all I can say is Wow! Loving them! When we run out, somebody please send a boat across for us.

- We wandered up north to Amberg Wine Cellars (they now have ice cream, too. And I never pass by an ice cream stand) and sampled their Semi-Dry Traminette (wonderful floral aroma and that nice nice spice spice- you know, so nice I had to write it twice), Pearl (a very interesting blend of Riesling & Traminette- the zing of Riesling and the spice and body of Traminette- Must have been crafted especially for us Riesling & Traminette fans, Thank You Amberg!), Pegasus (a unique Muscat/Riesling blend, sweet but smooth) , & Red Baron (Cab Sauv & Merlot, but at 3% Residual Sugar, Rich and fruity). Amberg has the knack for unique blends that work! And they are offering 50% off shipping through the end of June.

- I got over to Hosmer Winery on Cayuga Lake and tasted another amazing 2005 Riesling and one of the best Blush wines in the Finger Lakes (IMO), their Carousel (Cayuga White & Catawba blend) and now I see on their website that Carousel is on sale for $6.00 a bottle!!! It's time to load up the van at that price.

- We visited the friendly folks at Cayuga Ridge Estate & I was fond of their Chardonnay (blend of oak and steel), Solo (blend of Riesling and Cayuga White), and Cranberry Essence (refreshing and balanced, not too tart). I keep meaning to sign up for their Vigneron program where you lease 10 vines and they train you on the fine art of growing grapes. Maybe next year.

- Thirsty Owl's beautiful tasting room was hopping and I was enjoying their Chardonnay (bright fruitiness and light oak), Dry Riesling (lemon and pineapple with that Cayuga mineral finish), and the excellent Diamond (pineapple zing with a sweet ending). Here is a link to the May issue of PinotFile that reviewed Thirsty Owl, Silver Thread, & Dr. Frank wineries.

- Don't forget the Carnival Cookoff this weekend (June 24/25) on the Cayuga Wine Trail with food and prizes.

- The Keuka Lake Wine Trail presents Barbecue at the Wineries this weekend (June 24/25) with food and prizes.

- The Seneca Lake Wine Trail continues its Riesling to Visit Passport Event through Sept. 1st. I know my passport is starting to fill up.

- I'll see you on the wine trail!!!


Dezel said...

Hello Weekend Wino,

Very nice blog, we will be traveling to your backyard for tastings from VA this Thursday to Monday, and I found your blog a great help. We're still in the woods, but this at least gave us a flash light. Frankly we want to visit the quality producers and some nice restaurants. We will be staying on the Northern tip of Senneca Lake; if you think of any must visits (wine and food related)please send me an email. I look forward to experiencing the Finger Lakes.

Dezel of Virginia Wine Spot

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