Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy Finger Lakes New Year 2008!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU!!! I wish you a very Prosperous & Healthy 2008 with lots of Good Finger Lakes Wine!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Finger Lakes News & Notes - Christmas 2007

Where does the time go? It's Christmas already and I just passed the 2 year mark of writing this blog, with over 200 posts! Thank You to all of you who stop by and read my ramblings and I wish you all a Great Holiday Season with your Family and Friends!!!

- The Seneca Lake Wine Trail has their very own YouTube website now where they are posting videos.
- Kathleen Lisson, NY wine educator and now a Certified Specialist of Wine, posts wine wisdom on her blog.
- I've been testing a new Wine Club called Bottle Notes, and so far I am very impressed. They use a short questionnaire to establish a Personal Taste Profile for each member and base their wine selections on the taste profile, which has proven to be very accurate so far.
- Many states still face uphill battle in shipping wine.
- With a hops shortage increasing beer prices, will beer drinkers turn to wine?
- Jeff Richards gives his choices for Finger Lakes dessert wines. (He mentions a favorite of mine- Lakewood Port)
- Finger Lakes photographer Susan Verberg is profiled
- Bill Dowd reviews Finger Lakes wine, and so does Rick Lyke
- Indiana wine writer sings the praises of Dr. Frank Rkatsiteli
- Consumers rate Finger Lakes wine at Cellar Tracker
- Wine Spectator rates the Finger Lakes 2007 Wine Vintage as an A- "Upstate in the Finger Lakes, winter and spring passed by frost-free, giving producers solid yields after several years with few grapes on the vines. The summer was warm and sunny—hot and dry, in fact—which was good for the reds and a relief after a very cloudy, wet 2006. Several winemakers are raving about the dark colors in their Pinot Noir and Cabernet Franc. "The reds will surprise many Finger Lakes wine drinkers," said Thomas Laszlo, winemaker at Heron Hill Winery. "The Pinot Noirs will be displaying a New Zealand or New World style."
But the region's most acclaimed varietal, Riesling, may be a bit more uneven, thanks to the warm, dry weather. Drought-like conditions hit the area for most of the summer until some scattered showers in late August and September. "Many of the younger vineyards shut down at some point because of lack of water," said Johannes Reinhardt, winemaker at Anthony Road Winery. Acidity levels dropped in many of the white varieties while sugar levels rose. Some producers chose to add some acid in the tank, and most say this year's Rieslings will show more tropical fruit flavors and less bracing acidity, as a result."
- Sheila Livadas profiles Keuka Spring Winery and Knapp Vineyards, and she also profiles Finger Lakes winery pets at
- The Aperitif emag reviews the champagnes of Dr. Frank (pages 15-16)
- Loren Sonkin of IntoWine reviews her trip to Finger Lakes wine country

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Finger Lakes Holiday Gift Ideas

As the Holiday Season is in full swing now, here are some Online Finger Lakes Gift Suggestions for those of you looking for that perfect gift for the Finger Lakes Enthusiast on your gift list:

- Don't forget my CD "Sparkling Diamonds - Songs of The Finger Lakes". It makes a perfect gift. Look at the link on the left side of this page to find where it is available or get the CD online at The Finger Lakes Store Online or at The Grapery Online Store. Hear song clips from the CD by clicking here.

- Finger Lakes Gifts Online has many Finger Lakes gift products to choose from.

- And now, many of the Finger Lakes wineries have online stores, so check them out.

- Gift Certificates for Finger Lakes Wine Trail Events are available from the Seneca Lake Wine Trail, The Keuka Lake Wine Trail, or The Cayuga Wine Trail.

- has a variety of Finger Lakes books and gift items.

- "Doggin The Finger Lakes" is a new book out for anyone with pets on your gift list.

- The Coffee Lovers on your gift list will love a gift from Finger Lakes Coffee Roasters.

- As always, a Gift Subscription to Life In The Finger Lakes magazine will please any Finger Lakes fanatic on your list.

- If you are looking for that special unique Finger Lakes gift, check out the Finger Lakes Artists and Crafters Network.

- And many of the Finger Lakes Bed & Breakfasts offer Gift Certificates.

- Also, the Corning Museum of Glass has a very nice Online Gift Shop.

I hope this gives you some good gift ideas for all of the Finger Lakes Fanatics on your gift list. Have A Great Holiday Season!!!