Thursday, May 25, 2006

Finger Lakes News & Notes

- I lost count at over 70 medals for Finger Lakes wine at the International Eastern Wine Competition held earlier this month. Highlights include Best of Class, Riesling Champion, and Best White for Treleaven 2005 Dry Riesling, Double Gold for Anthony Road 2004 Sweet Dream, Double Gold for Atwater Estates - Estate White & Gold for 2005 Vidal Blanc & 2004 Celsius, Gold for Dr. Franks 2003 Cabernet Franc, & Gold for Fox Run 2005 Riesling. The complete Medals List can be found here.

- The New York Wine & Culinary Center Grand Opening will be June 17.

- Finger Lakes grape growers avoid April frost damage, but others aren't so fortunate.

- Various critters and insects affecting upstate New York crops.

- The Birthplace of Memorial Day gets ready for this weekend.

- Did the Finger Lakes grapes get throught this weeks cold snap ok?

- The Global Warming question continues to heat up.

- Barbara Adams is honored

- Is that 2004 vintage wine that you are drinking really all 2004?

- Wine Spectator magazine focuses on the Finger Lakes

- The Seneca Lake Wine Trolley looks like an interesting way to tour wineries, especially if you are staying up in the Geneva area.

- Sheila Livadas profiles Goose Watch Winery on Cayuga Lake.


Jennifer said...

Ah man...I heard that the Culinary and Wine Center was opening on June 10th and I was all set to go. I'll be out of town on the 17th. I'm going to call to see if there won't be a "soft" opening for the press/bloggers before then. One can hope. In any case, I'd love to have a blogger meet up there sometime. What do you think?

Bibliochef said...

June 6, 6:30 pm, Finger Lakes Institute Classroom
(at Hobart and William Smith) Tim Martinson, Cornell Cooperative Extension Area Extension Specialist for the Finger Lakes Grape Program
Promoting and Measuring Adoption of Sustainable Viticulture Practices in New York
A group involving all grape extension programs and grape industry groups (Canandaigua Wine, National Grape Cooperative, the Long Island Vineyard Management Group, and the New York State Wine Grape Growers) are developing a Sustainable Practices workbook for growers to assess their production practices. It is the latest effort in a process that started in the late '80s with promotion of Integrated Pest Management practices, continued with Agricultural Environmental Management (AEM) worksheets in the late 90s. The goal is to promote practices that further what is referred to as the '3 E's' of sustainability: Practices that are Environmentally sound, Economically feasible, and promote social Equity. In this presentation, Martinson will describe how this project is unfolding, and the reasons why the Finger Lakes grape-growing, processor, and winery community is supporting it. Free and open to the public. Registration required by calling (315)781-4382 or email