Sunday, November 20, 2005

What wine goes with Thanksgiving Dinner?

The Wine Cask blog has a good post about Thanksgiving and wine This begs the question: What wine will you be serving with Thanksgiving dinner and why? I believe I will be serving a Sparkling Burgundy, because I believe it is festive yet will complement the turkey, a Riesling (not sure which one yet) to complement the earthier foods (potatoes, green beans, etc.) and my own homemade Peach Chardonnay perhaps for after dinner as a dessert wine because of the sweetness. And maybe a bottle of Apple White from Ashley Lynn Winery, just because apples remind me of fall & Thanksgiving. I would be very interested in hearing your wine pairings with Thanksgiving dinner, why you chose them, what order you will be serving them, etc.

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Lenn said...

Man there are so many options and you get different advice from every "expert" you talk to.

Me...I'm taking a bunch of riesling for my family to enjoy -- from Mosel, Alsace, the Finger Lakes and yes Long Island. I'm also going to take some local Cabernet Franc just because my family doesn't have much exposure to it and I think it will go well with the plethora of flavors and textures in any Turkey Day Dinner.