Monday, November 21, 2005

Favorite Finger Lakes Place (continued)

With the cool fall weather, I can't help but think of apples. So we took a break from the grape and stopped by Ashley Lynn winery (west side of Seneca Lake) The wines here are all apple-based wines blended with other flavorings, using apples from Hurlbut Apple Orchards on the southeastern shore of Lake Ontario. Pattie and Leroy are your friendly hosts at the Seneca Lake location. The tasting room and gift shop are warm and inviting with a wide array of unique homemade canned goods, sauces, sweets, and gifts that you won't find anywhere else. Here are my tasting notes: Apple Grape, $9.00, a perfect balance of apple and grape tastes, very refreshing. Apple White, $9.00, The taste of ripe apples with a pleasant tanginess at the finish, This is my favorite and several bottles of this went home for Thanksgiving. Apple Cherry, $9.00, once again, a good balance of apple and cherry flavors.
Elderberry Mist, $9.00, I have to come to like the homemade elderberry wine our neighbor makes, and this is similar, sweet with a gentle tartness at the end. If you want a break from the grape, visit Ashley Lynn for some good fruit wine and some friendly hospitality.

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