Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Finger Lakes News & Notes

- New "I Love NY" campaign includes all of NY including The Finger Lakes

- I'm looking forward to attending the Finger Lakes Riesling Summit in New York City this Thursday where the new wine column that I will be writing will be revealed. All of the heavy hitters of Finger Lakes Riesling will be there, along with some of the best wine writers. I'll give you a complete recap when I get back.

- Also on Thursday is another Riesling event that I wish I could also attend. The Rendezvous with Riesling event will take place at The New York Wine & Culinary Center.

- Click here for Finger Lakes events happening in May

- Lenn Thompson posts about Ravines Wine Cellars and Hunt Country Vineyards

- Bibliochef posts on a new Finger Lakes Food Magazine

- New York State Canal System opens for season

- The Finger Lakes gets lots of "invisible dollars"

- A little bit of Hollywood in the Finger Lakes

- The Growth versus Green dilemma in The Finger Lakes

- NY Daily News touts the treasures of The Finger Lakes

- Finger Lakes wineries practice Sustainable Farming techniques

- The Finger Lakes' Steuben County is profiled

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