Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Finger Lakes News & Notes

- Lots of good features on http://www.fingerlakeswine.com/ including the current winery profile by Sheila Livadas, a very interesting Question and Answer feature with 10 Finger Lakes winemakers, and a great Interactive Map of The Finger Lakes.

- I came across this well-written article from 2006 by Pennsylvania state viticulturist Mark Chien "In Praise of Grape Varietal Diversity" that echoes my thoughts completely.

- If you want to do something to help our troops, this Beer Website has a list of websites where you can help.

- I've talked to some Finger Lakes winemakers in the last week who tell me the Finger Lakes grape crop is doing very well this year heading into the final months before harvest. The weather during these last weeks will be critical.

- Opici acquisition means broader distribution for some Finger Lakes wineries.

- Winery Tourism growing in less known local wine regions.

- Apple Farm is doing well

- Farm worker summit searches for answers.

- Finger Lakes Dairy treats are listed

- How about some Finger Lakes vodka?

- The second round of New York winery website improvement grants is announced. I've already noticed a huge improvement at a lot of Finger Lakes winery websites with colorful graphics, informative copy, pulldown menus, and ecommerce!

- State and local officials differ over Cayuga Indian land agreement

- Lake Trout fishing in the Finger Lakes

- Casa Larga ready for champagne shortage

- Iowa winery makes wine from Finger Lakes grapes

- A week of tranquility on Keuka Lake

- Keuka Lake travelogue

- Jason Feulner's latest post at LennDevour focuses on Bully Hill

- Ken & Theresa from Ken's Wine Guide post some reviews from their recent visit to the Finger Lakes.

- See Kathleen Lisson's informative webcast of Fred Frank giving a primer on how weather affects the grapes in the Finger Lakes. I visited Dr. Frank's new tasting room last weekend and it is fantastic; spacious with simple elegance and, of course, a fantastic view of Keuka Lake. Dr. Frank's 45th Anniversary Celebration is this Sunday (sold out).
Also, I will be performing again at Dr. Franks's on Sept. 8 & 9. Come on out!!!

- News from my neighbors to the south, Fulkerson Winery. New Releases:
*Cabernet Franc 2005, Residual Sugar: 0%, Alcohol: 12%, Bottling: 135 cases
Price: $14.00, I tasted this last weekend and it is excellent, ripe cherries and sweet vanilla with a touch of petrol on the finish.
* Dornfelder 2006, Residual Sugar: 0%, Alcohol: 12%, Bottling: 191 cases, Price: $16.00. A German red hybrid showing great promise. It is a cross between Helfensteiner and Heroldrebe grapes. Dornfelder is the 3rd most planted red wine grape in Germany . In the Finger Lakes region it is very scarce, only two wineries grow Dornfelder and Fulkerson is the only varietal wine producer.Tasting NotesOur innovative cult wine. Take a break from the ordinary with this hybrid grape variety from Germany . The Currant and spicy nose draws you into the medium bodied fruity taste with a long finish. Fulkerson Winery is the only producer of a Dornfelder varietal in the Finger Lakes with this Limited Quanity wine aged 8 months in 2 year old French Oak.
* Reserve Red 2005, Residual Sugar: 0%, Alcohol: 12%, Bottling: 323 cases, Price: $9.00
Comprised of Baco Noir and Corot Noir (NY 70.0809.10), a newly named numbered variety from the NYS Agricultural Experiment Station in Geneva NY . Aged 10 months in 2/3 French Oak and 1/3 American Oak barrels.
* Ratings from Wine Enthusiast Magazine: October 2007 issue
87 Fulkerson 2006 Traminette $12.00 * Best Buy
84 Fulkerson 2005 Gewurztraminer $16.00
83 Fulkerson 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon $16.00

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