Monday, May 14, 2007

Finger Lakes Wine News & Notes

- Finger Lakes wineries proved to be big winners at The Riverside International Wine Competition earlier this month, with Chateau Lafayette Reneau's 2006 Off-Dry Riesling winning Best White Wine in the competition over 2000+ entered wines from around the world!!!
Chairman Award winners were:
Red Newt 2005 Cabernet Franc RSV
Swedish Hill Country Concord
Swedish Hill Late Harvest Vignoles
Fox Run 2005 Dry Riesling
Chateau Lafayette Reneau 2005 Chardonnay
Hazlitt 2006 Off-Dry Riesling

Red Barn Blackberry
Heron Hill 2004 Late harvest Riesling
Swedish Hill Blue Waters Riesling
Swedish Hill 2006 Cayuga White
Goose Watch 2005 Lemberger
Goose Watch Diamond
Lakewood 2005 Dry Riesling

Prejean 2005 Late Harvest Vignoles
Prejean 2005 Dry Riesling
Heron Hill 2005 Late Harvest Vidal Blanc
Heron Hill/Ingle Vineyard 2004 Cabernet Franc
White Springs 2005 Off-Dry Riesling
Swedish Hill 2004 Meritage- Optimus
Swedish Hill 2006 Dry Vidal
Goose Watch Classic Cream Sherry
Goose Watch 2004 Chambourcin
Goose Watch 2006 Dry Viognier
Goose Watch 2006 Melody
Ravines 2006 Dry Riesling
Ravines 2005 Meritage
Dr. Frank 2006 Dry Gewurztraminer
Dr. Frank 2005 Pinot Noir
Chateau Frank 2000 Blanc de Blanc
Chateau Frank 2000 Blanc de Noirs
Fox Run 2005 Lemberger
Chateau Lafayette Reneau 2006 Dry Riesling
Chateau Lafayette Reneau 2006 Pinot Noir Rose
Lamoreaux Landing 2005 Chardonnay
Lamoreaux Landing 2006 Dry Riesling
Lakewood 2006 Dry Gewurztraminer
Lakewood 2006 Dry Riesling
Hazlitt 2005 Dry Riesling

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