Monday, December 01, 2008

Finger Lakes News & Notes - December 2008

Greetings and Happy Holidays to everyone!!!

- If you are looking for a Gift for that Finger Lakes enthusiast on your gift list, be sure to check out the Finger Lakes Gift Store.

- Finger Lakes Events Calendar for December

- Pompous Ass Winery has received their winery license and will be opening this Friday, December 5th. Read my Mountain Home magazine article on this new winery by clicking here.
Click here to read my Mountain Home magazine article about Rock Stream Winery's unique port-style wines.

- Finger Lakes' Dexter Creamery makes unique cheese

- 2 Finger Lakes wines win coveted Jefferson Cup

- Finger Lakes Photography Guild presents exhibit

- I spent a great evening blind tasting Rieslings from the Finger Lakes & Germany last month at The Riesling Shootout at Glenora Inn. This event was graciously hosted by John Zuccarino, owner of Silver Springs Winery & Tom Pellechio, wine writer and educator, who were basically testing a theory that wine ratings by national wine publications were skewed against Finger Lakes wine. A lively discussion about the event is available here.

- Culinary Institute Professor of Wine Studies Praises Finger Lakes Riesling
"I knew exactly what white wine I wanted to accompany this simple meal: a fine dry to semi-dry Riesling. A low-alcohol, high-acid, light-bodied, unoaked, fresh, fruity, flowery, flinty, tart Riesling, redolent of peaches, apricots and green apples, with a sweet attack on the palate and a lengthy, complex, dry finish.

I returned to the table with a well-chilled bottle of a very fine dry Riesling, a wine with the exact aroma and flavor profile I have been seeking. A wine to slake the thirst and engage the spirit. Such a fine Riesling must surely come from the Mosel or Rhine regions of Germany? (Danka sheine, but Nein.) From the North Coast of California? (No way. We like oak and alcohol bombs made in the hot sun, dude.) Oregon? (Nope. We’re all about Pinot Noir now, man.) Washington State? (Riesling is just another grape, folks. We can plant all of them and we do.) OK, then Australia? (G’day, but wrong, mate!

Our Riesling is unique, but it’s a warm and sexy flesh pot, if you get my meaning. Right? Right?)The $12 Riesling at our table, which transformed a simple lunch into a small feast, was produced in the Finger Lakes region of New York State. Dr. Konstantin Frank’s Vinifera Vineyards 2006 Estate Bottled Dry Riesling, grown along the banks of Keuka Lake, made the food taste sooooo good, and made us smile with every refreshing sip.I’m letting you in on a currently not-so-well-kept secret: Some of the finest Riesling wines in the New World – especially dry and semi-dry versions, but also some rare and wonderful sweet Rieslings – are to be found in the Finger Lakes American Viticultural Area (AVA), specifically along the banks of Keuka Lake and Seneca Lake. "
See full posting here.

- Holiday Wine Events at Finger Lakes Wineries

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