Friday, August 08, 2008

Finger Lake Photos

I have not done a Photo Post in a while, so here are some photos that I have taken in 2008. Click on the photos for larger view.

It had been a while since I hiked through Watkins Glen State Park and it is still one of the most beautiful hikes with waterfalls around every corner.

The gas prices have not affected the sailboats on Seneca Lake.

The dark clouds make way for a rainbow over Seneca Lake.

Doug Hazlitt, Sales Mgr Steve Cruty, and Winemaker Tim Benedict in the fun atmosphere of Hazlitt Winery's tasting room.

The Weekend Winos perform at The Finger Lakes Wine Festival.

The Toga Parade at the Launch of The Lakes Party is always an interesting sight.

Dave Peterson at the Festival Media Event. Dave is having a very good 2008 with major wine competition wins for his 3 wineries, Swedish Hill, Penguin Bay, & Goose Watch.

The new Harbor Hotel in Watkins Glen makes it debut.


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