Monday, February 18, 2008

Finger Lakes Weekend Wino 2007 Finger Lakes Winery of The Year - Bloomer Creek Vineyard

I think this picture from Bloomer Creek's website says it all about Bloomer Creek Vineyard, my 2007 Winery of The Year - it shows their passion and commitment to craft excellent wine and shows the sweat, grit, and determination that it takes to be a successful winery in the Finger Lakes.

It has taken owner and winemaker Kim Engle almost 3 decades from his college days to realize his dream of owning his own winery in his own space, but the result was well worth the wait. Kim and his wife, artist Debra Bermingham, have created a fresh and welcoming environment with their new tasting room, with its exposed wood beams and beautiful high ceilings, highlighted by local artistry. Yes, the new building welcomes us, but the wines- the wines draw us in!

Kim has toiled for decades for many other Finger Lakes wineries, honing his skills in the vineyard and in the cellar and we are the ones who now benefit from those many years of hard work. His proficiency shines through on both white and red wines from the beautiful balance of Bloomer Creek's Riesling to the soft and smoky Cafe Red (Cabernet Franc).
At Bloomer Creek, you get the feeling that they don't just want to sell you their wine, they want you to understand their wine.

I visited 81 Finger Lakes wineries in 2007 and it was not an easy choice to pick my first Winery of The Year. There were many wineries that had that combination of passion for crafting great wine, commitment to educating consumers, a welcoming and uplifting tasting experience and, of course, great wine that I was looking for, but in my several visits to Bloomer Creek, the blood, sweat, and tears of a dream becoming reality inspired my senses and filled my being with pride for what hard work and determination can accomplish. Bloomer Creek is certainly not the biggest or most well-known winery in the Finger Lakes, but a bigger heart and soul you will not find. So I raise my glass to Bloomer Creek Vineyard and encourage you to stop in and enjoy the fruits of their labor. Here are my tasting notes for Bloomer Creek in 2007:

2006 Gewurztraminer, $18.00, light citrus into bold spice at the finish
2006 Riesling, 2% RS, (sold out), layers of citrus into smooth mineral, perfectly balanced
2006 Cafe White, $12.99, Chardonnay/Pinot Gris blend, crisp apple and citrus, very nice
2006 Chardonnay, $18.00, soft and light with well-defined crisp oak into a long finish
2006 Cayuga White, 3% RS, layers of pineapple and soft tropical fruits, crisp and balanced
2006 Gamay Noir, $14.00, a light Beaujolais-style red with hints of strawberry into a nice peppery finish
2006 Cafe Red, .8% RS, $12.99, Cabernet Franc, very soft and light, but with ample fruit of smoky strawberry, Excellent!
Half Moon Rose, $10.00, interesting blend of Cayuga White and Pinot Noir, a very soft rose', an excellent value.

Bloomer Creek Vineyard, 5301 Rte 414, Hector NY (southeast side of Seneca Lake, located next to The Stonecat Cafe)
607 546 5027

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