Sunday, October 07, 2007

Finger Lakes Pictures for 2007

Wow, it's October already and I haven't done a Picture Post yet. Here are some of my favorite pics that I have taken this year so far. Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

This first picture is the unveiling of the restored Curtiss seaplane "America" on Keuka Lake in Hammondsport for the Seaplane Homecoming festivities. Click on photo to enlarge it.

Here are some of the Seaplanes that gave us a spectacular air show above Keuka Lake.

Here is the Friendly Cow that greets visitors at Cowlick Farm. If you are ever on the Northeast side of Seneca Lake, stop in and sample their cheese. It is excellent and you must pet the cow!!!

Mrs. Wino & I took a wine tasting ride on The Finger Lakes Railway and had a great time.
As you can see, there were some great views from the train.

Ahhhhh, Another Beautiful Day overlooking Seneca Lake!

And now for some of my favorite Animal Photos this year.

This is the Farm Dog at Weaver View Farms. A hard-working dog deserves a nap every now and then.

And hard-working Cats deserve Cat Naps too. This is the winery cat at McGregor Winery. Probably tired from working in the gift shop all day.

This is Toby, the newest winery dog at Arcadian Estate Winery, and cute as a button. Shameless Plug #1 - I'll be performing at Arcadian Estate
Winery on Sunday, Nov. 11th. Come on out and see me and Toby. Toby plays one heckuva dogbone.

One of the beautiful Australian Shepherds at Lakewood Vineyards. But then, I'm biased because we have 2 Australian Shepherds of our own.

The Peaceful Tranquility of Rainbow Cove.

A Sailboat On Seneca gliding so majestically. Gee, Someone should write a song about that. Oh wait, someone did. Me.
Shameless Plug #2 - My new CD "Sparkling Diamonds- Songs of The Finger Lakes" makes a great gift for the upcoming Holiday Season. Click here for where to get it.

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Ken & Theresa Hoggins said...

I love the pictures! My favorite is the one of the Farm Dog in the chair at Weaver View Farms.