Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Finger Lakes Winery Visit Report - Long Point Winery

Long Point Winery Dog "Spike" relaxes while we taste.
Long Point Winery- East side of Cayuga Lake - http://www.longpointwinery.com/
6 tastings for $1.00
There are only a few wineries on the east side of Cayuga Lake, so I don't get over that way a lot but, after tasting this time, I think I'll be getting over there a lot more!!! Owners Gary & Rosemary Barletta have a beautiful country winery nestled off the beaten path overlooking Cayuga Lake. Gary was our friendly and gracious wine server and educator and I came away extremely impressed with Long Point Winery. Here are my tasting notes:
- 2006 Vidal Blanc, $8.99, 1.9% RS (Residual Sugar), aromas of fresh cut flowers, semi-sweet, light and subtle with layers of citrus, apricot and mango, with a balanced crisp, even elegant finish and an amazing value at $8.99, This is one of my new favorite value wines, An amazingly complex Vidal Blanc. - 2005 Chardonnay, $12.99, aged in French oak, perfectly balanced fruit, vanilla and sweet oak. - 2006 Semi-dry Riesling, $12.99, 1.6% RS, very aromatic fruit blossoms on the nose, a lighter style of Riesling with more melon & green apple than citrus, Very Nice.
- 2006 Moon Puppy, $9.99, 3.0 RS, a sweet Cab Franc that works surprisingly well, again a lighter style but it certainly does not sacrifice fruit with lots of cherry on the tongue, a unique and brave Cab Franc experiment that really works out rather nicely. - 2004 Syrah, $19.99, Earthy aromas, again a somewhat lighter style with no shortage of fruit, my notes say "This is what happens when Smoky Robinson and Halle Berry get together - Smoky Berry", and that's what you get with this delectable Syrah. - 2004 Merlot Reserve, $25.99, Medium tannins, with abundant berry and plum and a clean finish, excellent in my book. This is one of the few wineries where I liked everything I tasted. I came away with a new respect for the eastern side of Cayuga Lake. It may be a bit of a drive, but Long Point is well worth it!!!

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