Saturday, February 10, 2007

Finger Lakes News & Notes

- The Stamp Family honored at Viticulture 2007.

- A recipe to go with your Riesling

- Viticulture 2007 educates the wine industry

- Finger Lakes wineries shipping more wine out of state

- You have to read it to believe it

- No "swan song" for Trumpeter Swans

- Higher gas prices brings cash to Southern Tier folks

- Finger Lakes photographer's work show at Cayuga Museum

- California wineries are trying to get back on the Riesling bandwagon

- Here is Wine Enthusiast Magazine's 2006 Grape Harvest Region Summaries. They got different news than I did. I heard the harvest in The Finger Lakes was pretty good. Wine Enthusiast says:
New York - After two rugged winters that sliced yields by as much as 50% in the Finger Lakes, New York vintners were hoping for better in ’06. ‘Twas not to be. Rain in summer and fall—and birds and deer “feasting on us,” laments Charles Massoud of Paumonok Vineyards on Long Island—reduced yields by a third. Producers in both regions say Chardonnay and Riesling, harvested between the rains, will be good to excellent. The Finger Lakes escaped frost until the end of harvest in late October. —Mort Hochstein

- Champy takes beautiful photographs of the Finger Lakes area

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