Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year, New Blog Look & MyFavorites of 2006- Part 3

I want to wish all of Family, Friends, & Readers a Super New Year!!!
May 2007 bring the best of all things to you and yours!
I raise my glass to all of you!

As you can see, I've done a little sprucing up to the Blog for 2007 thanks to long-awaited updates from Blogger. I am hoping that this will enable me to add posts and graphics faster and do things that will make the blog better. If you have any suggestions or ways that I can make the blog better for you, just send me your comments and suggestions by using the form at the bottom of this page (I have to reinstall it since Blogger removed it when I did my updates) or by emailing me at (leave out the spaces) weekendwino 11 @ yahoo. com (no spaces)

Here is Part 3 of My Favorite Finger Lakes Wine of 2006 (Scroll down to find Parts 1 & 2):

- Swedish Hill - Just Peachy, intense peach flavor. Radical Raspberry, intense raspberry flavor. If you like peach or raspberry, these are the best!

- Seneca Shore- Smooth Chardonnay, One of my favorite F.L. Chardonnays, smooth & buttery. Castle Blush, on the sweeter side but with lots of fruit flavor, a delicious blush. Lemberger, this grape is fast becoming very popular among F.L. Red wine afficianados, smoky but smooth. Seneca Shore keeps their prices reasonable and has some of the best value wines in the Finger Lakes.

- Four Chimneys- uses organic farming methods and little or no sulfites. Reserve White, Aurora/Chardonnay blend, dry but buttery with lots of fruit. Cabernet Franc, light tannins, very balanced. Honeydew Melon, just like biting into a honeydew melon, lightly sweet and very refreshing.

- Fox Run - Cabernet Franc, excellent, smooth tannins, hints of raspberry and oak with a long finish. Riesling, A perfect Riesling for my tastes, peach and lime that goes on and on.

- Yates Cellars- Gewurztraminer, extremely floral aromas, classic Gewurz spice. Traminette, again extremely floral scents that are just heavenly, someone really should come up with a Traminette after shave, I'd buy it, a Perfect Traminette for me.

- Lamoreaux Landing- Chardonnay, rounded citrus tones with hints of vanilla and butter. Dry Riesling, lime and mineral with soft apple and peach and an elegant lingering finish. Semi-Dry Riesling, sweeter with lemon, lime, and pineapple overtones and a very long finish. Merlot, very soft tannins, beautifully balanced fruit and pepper. This is one of the wineries that I have really liked everything I have tasted there. Their wines are always complex but balanced, with many layers of flavor and very long finishes.

- Silver Thread- Good Earth Red, Dry and light but fruity, Pinot Noir with 20% Gewurztraminer. Blackbird, Cab Franc/Merlot/Cab Sauv blend, lots of berry fruit.

- Hazlitt 1852- Always a fun place to visit. White Stag, Cayuga/Ravat 51 blend, sweet summer sipping wine. Red Cat, the famous Red Cat, Catawba/Baco Noir blend, fruity smooth and sweet red wine, Red Cat never met a hot tub or party (or hot tub party) it didn't like.

- Shalestone- Merlot, an excellent Merlot, deep but very soft. Cabernet Franc, soft medium tannins with a finish that stays with you like a beautiful memory. Reds are all Shalestone produces and, in my humble opinion, they have perfected it!

- Damiani- Talk with Lou Damiani for 15 minutes and your knowledge of wine will increase exponentially. Cabernet Sauvignon, I'm not fond of too many Cab Sauvs in F.L., but I really like this one, smooth with berry flavors and a hint of tobacco. Dolce Bianco, blend of Vignoles/Cayuga/Vidal, grape and pineapple with good acidity for balance.

- Treleaven- Semi Dry Riesling, peach and lime dancing on a base of smooth mineral. Apple, amazingly complex layers of apple and peach, if you love apple, get this one, also a nice wine to cook with.

- Hermann Wiemer- Dry Johannisberg Riesling, dry but smooth crisp and clean, lots of fruit and lots of mineral, classic Wiemer Riesling. Dry Rose, Pinot Noir/Gamay Noir blend, very dry but lots of berry fruit, crisp clean and elegant.

- Catharine Valley- The Lost Irishman, Catawba grape, sweet and tangy, perfect for a hot summer day. Seneca Steamer, Very nice Niagara, sweet and grapey.

- Cobblestone Farm- Chardonnay, lots of fruit with hints of green apple and oak. Cabernet Franc, very complex, layers of spice, berry, and pepper.

I can't wait until spring when I'll start visiting the 90-some wineries in the Finger Lakes to taste their offerings. It's a tough job, but someones got to do it. Once again, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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Your new look is great! Blogger won't let me migrate to the "new" blogger. Wonder why I don't rank...
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