Sunday, October 08, 2006

Finger Lakes News & Notes

- Plenty to do and see in Autumn in The Finger Lakes

- Autumn in The Montezuma Wildlife Refuge

- California winery uses Finger Lakes grapes for its Riesling

- Wet Finger Lakes summer doesn't spoil tourism

- Columbus Day weekend is biggest tourist weekend of the year for Finger Lakes

- Ithaca seeing hotel room boom

- New York Times Travel Section profiles The Finger Lakes

- Foreign tourists like Finger Lakes trees

- 14 million dollar hotel to be built in Watkins Glen

- If you are looking for a gift for any Finger Lakes wine lovers, check out my Finger Lakes T-shirt and my Finger Lakes songs on the Links listings on the left side of this page. Proceeds go to Hospice organizations.

1 comment:

Dezel said...

Hello Weekend Wino,

How goes it ? CA using FL grapes for their Rieslings?? Well as you know I visited and can see why (lol). Just curious, can they still put a CA label on it or just sell it as a generic Riesling.

I will have to email you, I have been complimented @ 2 festivals on the shirt. Lots of people here who used to live out that way spot it. When asked, they all tell me the weather gets very harsh up that way so thats why they moved down a tad.

We are also still enjoying the tunes. I will have to buy an official copy.

Have a great week, we love the site!

Happy Sipping!