Saturday, December 24, 2005

My Christmas Present To You

As I've said before, I have been singing, playing guitar, and writing songs for over 20 years. When I am sitting on the deck looking out at Seneca Lake, I often get my guitar out and just play what comes to me and I record these Seneca-Inspired improvisations. I eventually would like to put out a CD of songs about the Finger Lakes. Well, I have finally completed the vocals and a few instruments (more instruments will be added later) for the first song named "Finger Lakes" and I offer it to you, my blog readers, as my gift to you. Just click here to hear it at Soundclick and click on the arrows for lo-fi or hi-fi (depending on your internet speed) or you can download the mp3. A free registration may be required. Merry Christmas!!!!!!!

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Mary Shelsby said...

Hello Wino,

Cool name!

Thanks for visiting my photo blog on the Finger Lakes and leaving a comment. You really made my day! I've fallen behind on my goal of one new photo a week, but now I'm motivated to go out and shoot! Thanks and Happy New Year.

Mary Shelsby